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You have asymmetric broadband?

Unless you paid your ISP for business class connectivity, you most probably have asymmetric broadband connection. Or in the case of DSL, asymmetric semi-broadband.

Asymmetric means that your download (incoming) speed is faster and your upload (outgoing speed) is about a third or a half of the incoming.

This strategy is in presumption that you are not using your home computers as servers and that it takes less traffic to send a web server a request than for the web server to send you their response. In this way, your ISP is able to stinge on their bandwidth while misleading you into thinking that they truly are giving you 1.5 mbs, when you actually get 1.5 mbs incoming but 500 kbs outgoing.

And be warned, that even though your ISP might have successfully restricted you to 500 kbs outgoing and you are happily having your home computers serve as web servers to the public on that miserly speed, it may come a time when they decide enuf-is-enuf and send you the next month's bill upgrading your connection to business class, because they assert that the terms of contract for non-business class subscribers disallows you from having web servers in your home on the connection they provide you.

Or, you might be living in an authoritarian or paternalistic country where you cannot have a web server at home without a licence from the appropriate national moral degradation prevention authority.